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Livewatch - Server Monitoring

Livewatch - What are we doing. Why you should have a look!

Livewatch offers you the perfect solution for everything to do with server monitoring. We automatically monitor your website, server or infrastructure and alert you if a problem is detected. We use the latest technologies and value ambitious customer support and high availability.. Our main concern is to let you know as soon as possible if something doesn't work as it should. If we discover a problem with your website or server, we will alert you in various ways within a few seconds. So you are always the first to find out if something is not going as you expect it to.

Server monitoring

Use Livewatch to control what and how often should be monitored in your server monitoring infrastructure.

Setup in 5 minutes

Set up your server monitoring quickly and easily. Your server monitoring is set up and ready for use in just 5 minutes.

Relax and be safe

Lean back and relax because you know Livewatch will inform you as soon as something does not work as expected.

High benefits at low costs

Livewatch's server monitoring costs a fraction of what you can lose if your web infrastructure is inaccessible. Avoid longer downtimes by being informed quickly by us.