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After the website has been created, the real work only begins.

Because in order to be able to fulfill its purpose, it has to be constantly maintained and, above all, it has to be accessible. Longer downtime can not only have a negative effect on the number of visitors, but also on your sales as a consequence. Let your website be monitored to keep your site under control at all times.

100% uptime? We inform you!

Go one step further:

All parties probably know that there is not always stability in the network world. Both users, who now and then come across unreachable pages, as well as the associated webmasters, who each downtime costs time, money and nerves. Monitoring a website around the clock not only sounds like a very strenuous task, but also simply impossible. With periodic monitoring, however, it can quickly happen that failures are discovered late. Namely when visitors have already come across the faulty or inaccessible page and valuable inquiries have been lost. So if you have your website monitored, you get the following advantages:

  • Alarm in the event of failure or malfunctions
  • Various notification options
  • Quick setup
  • Cost savings through quickly identified problems

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Monitor your own website effortlessly with Livewatch

Anyone who has their website monitored can provide a remedy without much effort: Regular checks at short intervals check the availability, performance and functionality of your website so that you can be alerted immediately in the event of failures. This will allow you to fix the errors on your page before visitors encounter them. On the Internet, the competition is usually just a click away - if users cannot reach your website, a replacement can be found quickly.

For this reason, having a website monitored can not only provide general information about its status, but also prevent your visitors from having to reorient themselves. That way, the small investment of having the website monitored pays off in most cases. At Livewatch we offer you comprehensive monitoring with a fair price-performance ratio, which you can use for the criteria you have chosen; whether general uptime, content or other aspects of your website.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I get notified by Livewatch when monitoring my website?

If you have your website monitored, you can count on an immediate notification in the event of a malfunction. Which channels you choose for this is up to you: Of course, email is possible, but Slack, Telegram, Mattermost and many other options are also available to you.

How can the check results be viewed on the Monitor website?

You will receive the results of the regular checks by email on a weekly basis. However, you can also see the evaluation of your website in the API. In this way you can get comprehensive information about the status of your page at any time.

How are website monitoring costs billed?

In order to be able to offer you the highest possible transparency, Livewatch relies on a flexible pay-per-use model that charges you a small amount per check. In this way, you do not pay a flat fee that exceeds the actual costs for website monitoring. However, subscription models are also possible with us, but these come with additional functions.

Who is it worth to have their website monitored?

In principle, monitoring a website is worthwhile, especially for those who depend on a steady flow of visitors or e-commerce. Because if a page should not be accessible, the said visitors can be lost - and under certain circumstances never return.

Sample calculation

Monitor 5 Websites for less that 5 Euro per month

Livewatch makes it easy to calculate your server monitoring cost. We asume you want to monitor 5 Instances every minute.

5 Server monitoring instances

In this example you monitor 5 websites for their availability

Server monitoring checks every minute

To get the quickest alert on a failure, we asume you do a check every minute

Discounts available

You can get even lower check prices if you sign up for a subscription as well.

Cheap and transparent

Costs per day and month

Cost per check 0.000021 Eur
HTTP Match Pattern Check
Checks per day 1440 * 5 Checks = 7200
Cost per day 7200 * 0.000021 Eur = 0.1512 Eur
Cost per month 0.1512 * 31 Days =
only 4.69 Eur month!
You pay less that 5 Eur for monitoring 5 Server instances 24/7 with Livewatch

Livewatch: This is how you can conveniently monitor your website

For over 15 years, Livewatch has been offering efficient monitoring solutions for your website that are operated from its own servers. As a German company, we of course comply with the GDPR and also issue you an invoice that you do not have to print out first. Our cost model offers you a flexible payment option based on pay-per-use. You will then be billed per check so that your costs relate exactly to the services that you received. With our calculator you can calculate your costs quickly and easily in advance. The checks are carried out at regular intervals and summarized in a historical analysis that you will receive by email on a weekly basis.

In this way, you can monitor your website without investing excessive resources in monitoring. You do not necessarily need prior knowledge if you want to use our monitoring service. We take the approach that our services should also be accessible to less experienced webmasters and decision-makers. For this reason, the setup as well as the operation of the API is designed as simple as possible and lets you monitor your website without any problems. But even if you are not there, you know that your side is in safe hands at all times: you will be alerted immediately in the event of a failure or other malfunctions that you can stop monitoring beforehand. So you can lean back and relax even after work.

  • Large selection of freely configurable check options
  • Convenient pay-per-use
  • 7 days free of charge for new registrations
  • Provider from Germany
  • Historical data analysis
  • Benefits possible through subscription