Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring - What are we doing?

Server-Uptime Monitor
Server Monitoring is the ultimate solution to keep your server or website monitored. In the case of server failure, we give you notice as soon as possible. Not only by email, SMS and messenger but also by phone.

Server Monitoring

With our server monitoring we check in frequent intervals, if your server is still online. We rely on accessibility of a website as well as various other indicatiors of a failure.

Server Monitoring

We check availability at regular intervals. We also save this data for you. You have the option of evaluating information about availability retrospectively.

Server Monitoring Video

In 60 Seconds - Livewatch Server Monitoring

Quick facts

We keep an eye on your infrastructure

Let us monitor your infrastructure. Regardless of whether it is a data center, host or just the availability of your website. We will inform you as soon as something no longer works as expected.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • continuous monitoring
  • Fast alert
  • Different channels (SMS, Phone, Telegram, Mattermost and more.)
  • Visual evaluations
  • Inexpensive, highly scalable
  • Website monitoring easy integration

15 years

of experience

350000 k +

Checks daily

15 +

Monitoring Instances

15000 +

Satisfied users
What monitoring are you looking for?

Server monitoring, Website monitoring, Uptime Check

There are many terms related to website monitoring. You have come to the right place if you find yourself in the following topics.

Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your website

Uptime check

Detail logging of your website availability

Check monitoring

Create your own checks and monitor them with ease

Server Monitoring
Our Services

Full Uptime Monitoring - Powerful Control Panel & APIs

Pricing for your server monitoring

Server monitoring - Plans & Pricing

Basic Monitoring


No membership required

  • All notification types
  • Choose check interval
  • No hidden costs
  • Calculateable Monitoring
Business Monitoring


(58.31€ inclusive vat)

Pay per use with benefifits

  • Longer retention policy
  • Include SMS Amount
  • Include PhoneCall Amount
  • Extended support
  • No check limit
Enterprise Monitoring


(177.31€ inclusive vat)

Best choice for greater infrastructures

  • 24/7 Support
  • Even longer retention policy
  • Special Notification Gateways
  • < 1 Minute check interval
  • Reseller interface (coming)
  • Discounts on checks from beginning
Our key

Our key differentiators

Server Monitoring
Low cost, high benefits

With Livewatch you can start monitoring your infrastructure at the lowest cost.

Server Monitoring
Easy setup

You don't need to be an IT administrator to set up the checks. We help you to set up your surveillance in just a few steps.

Server Monitoring
Full cost control

Full cost control. With Livewatch you always know what costs have arisen and which will be incurred with your current configuration.

Server Monitoring
A lot of notification ways

No matter how you want to be alerted, Livewatch offers you a wide range of channels. Including SMS, calls, email, telegram, mattermost, jira and more ...

Server Monitoring
Status? From everywhere!

You can access your backend from anywhere. Regardless of whether you are sitting at your PC or want to monitor your infrastructure with your mobile phone while on the move.

Server Monitoring
Fast alerting

You are here because you want to be informed quickly about a possible malfunction or failure of your systems. Livewatch offers you exactly that. You can get information in a wide variety of ways.

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