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We perform a web analytic on the entered domain. You can see which files are loaded and how long the full page load took.

Server monitoring

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Performance checks give you a detailed view of all the elements that may slow down your website.

  • Elements loading
  • Element loading duration
  • Size of elements
  • Type of html data
  • Headers & Cookies
  • Overall monitoring performance

Please enter a Url which you want to monitor. We will perform a http performance check.

With Livewatch you can do this monitoring continuously. We check your website for performance at short intervals. As soon as the monitoring detects errors or problems, we will inform you immediately.

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Server monitoring, Website monitoring, Uptime Check

There are many terms related to website monitoring. You have come to the right place if you find yourself in the following topics.

Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your website

Uptime check

Detail logging of your website availability

Check monitoring

Create your own checks and monitor them with ease