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Our link checker gives you a detailed view of all the links on your website. We detect 404, 500 and all other status that may occur errors within your link structure.

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With our Link validation, you are able to check any Url for linking errors. Just enter the Url you want to validate and run the check. We list all found links with errors, warnings and notices in a easy to read format.

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What is a “link check”?

A "link check" refers to checking hyperlinks on a web page to ensure that they function correctly and point to valid destinations. Hyperlinks are links that allow you to go from one web page to another or to another resource, such as a document or image. A link check is performed to ensure that all links on a webpage are working properly and providing users with smooth navigation.

Here are some aspects of a link check:

  1. Functional links: The link check checks whether all hyperlinks on a website function correctly. This means that they guide users to their intended destinations and do not cause error pages or inaccessible pages.

  2. Integrity: The link check ensures that all internal links (within the same website) and external links (to other websites) are intact. References to pages that no longer exist or have been moved are identified.

  3. Avoiding redirects: When redirecting, it is checked whether the destination of the redirect is valid. It is important to ensure that redirects do not point to non-existent pages or error pages.

  4. Types of Links: The link check can also check whether different types of links such as text links, image links or button links are working properly.

  5. Deep Check: In large websites, in-depth link checks can be carried out to ensure that all levels of navigation are linked correctly.

  6. Periodic Monitoring: It is advisable to carry out regular link checks as changes to the website or linked resources may occur over time.

Tools and software applications used for website management and quality control often offer link checking functions. These can perform automated checks and provide users with reports of broken or non-functioning links. Link checking is a proven method for ensuring that a website offers a positive user experience and that the information it contains is easily accessible.

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A link check, also known as link checking or link checking, refers to the process of checking hyperlinks (also known as "links") on a web page or document to ensure that they function correctly and are valid Refer to landing pages. This process is often automated and can be performed using specialized tools or software.

Here are some aspects that are checked during a link check:

Functionality: Checks whether the links work and whether the expected target pages are loaded when clicked. This includes checking internal links within the same website and external links to other websites.

Validity: It is checked whether the linked URLs are valid and accessible. This means that the target pages exist and there are no errors when accessing them.

Link text: Care is taken to ensure that the texts displayed as links are meaningful and understandable for the user. This is important for the usability and accessibility of websites.

Avoiding dead links: Dead links or broken links are links that point to pages that no longer exist or are not accessible. Link checking identifies such dead links so that they can be fixed or removed.

Redirections: It is checked whether there are redirects and whether they are set up correctly. Redirects can cause the original link to be redirected to a different URL.

Security: When checking links, security aspects can also be taken into account to ensure that the linked pages are free of harmful content.

Automated link checks are particularly important for website owners and web developers to ensure that their websites function smoothly, provide a good user experience, and do not contain dead links that could lead to user frustration. There are various online tools and software solutions that can carry out automated link checks.

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