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SSL Check validation give you a detailed overview about the ssl certificate. Get information about expire and issuer. Keep an eye on the expiry date. Is your ssl valid?

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Free online SSL Certificate Validation of any domain

With our SSL Check Validator, you are able to check any domain for Certificate errors. Just enter the domain you want to validate and run the check. We list SSL Errors, Warnings and Notices in a easy to read format.

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What is an SSL certificate check?

An “SSL Certificate Check” refers to the verification of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. SSL certificates are security protocols used to encrypt the transmission of data between a web browser and a web server. They play a critical role in protecting the privacy and security of user data, especially sensitive information such as credit card numbers and personal information.

The SSL Certificate Check is a process that checks the validity and integrity of an SSL certificate. Here are some of the main aspects taken into account during an SSL certificate check:

  1. Validity: It is checked whether the SSL certificate is still valid. SSL certificates have a limited term, typically a year or longer. After expiry, the certificate must be renewed.

  2. Certificate Chain: SSL certificates are organized in a hierarchy called a certificate chain. Verification ensures that each certificate in the chain was issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

  3. Hostname Verification: The SSL certificate is usually issued for a specific hostname (domain). The SSL Certificate Check ensures that the host name accessed matches the host name specified in the certificate.

  4. Algorithm and key length verification: The encryption algorithms and key lengths used should comply with security standards. Outdated or unsafe algorithms should be avoided.

  5. Integrity of certificate information: It is checked whether the information contained in the certificate is correct and unchanged.

The SSL Certificate Check is important to ensure that communication between a user and a website is secure and that the website is trustworthy. Web browsers automatically perform SSL certificate checks and alert users if problems are detected with a certificate, such as if it has expired or was not issued by a trusted CA. Developers and system administrators also perform manual checks to ensure that all security aspects are met.

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer certificates) are digital certificates used in information technology to ensure the security of data transmissions over the Internet. They play a crucial role in establishing encrypted connections between a web browser and a web server, protecting the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data.

Here are the basic features of SSL certificates:

  1. Encryption: SSL certificates allow data to be encrypted in transit between a user and a server. This prevents third parties from intercepting and reading the transmitted information.

  2. Authentication: SSL certificates are also used to authenticate websites. When a user connects to a website, the SSL certificate verifies the authenticity of the website. This ensures that the user is actually communicating with the intended website and not a fraudulent or fake page.

  3. Integrity: SSL certificates help ensure the integrity of transmitted data. Digital signatures ensure that data has not been tampered with during transmission.

An SSL certificate is issued by a certificate authority (CA - Certificate Authority). The CA confirms the identity of the certificate holder before issuing the certificate. Web browsers and other applications recognize SSL certificates and indicate whether a secure connection exists by checking for the presence of a valid certificate.

There are different types of SSL certificates, including Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV), which differ in terms of the verification process and trust level.

When does my SSL certificate expire?

Most SSL certificates for a domain are only valid for a certain period of time. After the period has expired, the certificate is declared invalid and the website visitor receives an error message. This error message informs the visitor that the certificate has expired and the site is therefore potentially unsafe. So you should make sure that your certificate is always valid. With our tool you can check the validity and find out how long it will expire. With Livewatch you also have the option of automating the monitoring of your SSL certificates. You will then receive a notification if your certificate is about to expire or is no longer valid for any other reason.

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