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We perform a html validation on the entered url. You can see how your html code validates. Detect warnings, errors and more.

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HTML validation give you a detailed view of all the elements that may occur errors within your html code.

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Free online HTML Validation of any url

With our HTML Online Validator, you are able to check any Url for HTML errors. Just enter the Url you want to validate and run the check. We list HTML Errors, Warnings and Notices in a easy to read format.

HTML Validator

Knowledge Base

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What does an HTML validator do?

An HTML validator is a tool or software designed to check HTML documents for conformance to the HTML specifications. The purpose of an HTML validator is to ensure that a web page's HTML code conforms to established standards and is structured correctly. Here are some of the main features of an HTML validator:

  1. Syntax Check: The validator checks the HTML code for syntactic errors and ensures that all HTML tags are opened and closed correctly. This helps identify errors that could prevent the web page from rendering properly.

  2. Correctness of structure: The validator checks whether the structure of the HTML code conforms to the established rules and hierarchies. This includes properly nesting tags and adhering to the HTML document structure.

  3. Attribute Validation: It is checked whether the attributes used in the HTML tags are valid and whether their values correspond to the expected formats.

  4. HTML Standards Compliance: The validator ensures that the HTML code conforms to the official HTML standards set by organizations such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

  5. Accessibility: Some HTML validator tools also check for accessibility aspects and provide an indication of whether the website is accessible to people with disabilities.

  6. Performance Optimization: Some validators can also provide tips for optimizing performance, for example by identifying unnecessary or inefficient elements in HTML code.

Using an HTML validator is a best practice to ensure that a web page conforms to current web standards and renders consistently across different web browsers. It also helps reduce development time by helping developers detect and fix errors early. There are both online validators and desktop tools that developers can use for these purposes.

Does the HTML Validator also find Javascript errors?

No, the HTML validation is completely limited to the HTML source code of the page. We do not load any Javascript files that you reference in the source code. We validate the DOM structure and CSS content of your website and validate them for problems. Our HTML validator does not offer a check for Javascript errors.

What is this HTML validator used for?

The HTML Validator helps you to find errors in the source code of your website. We validate the HTML code of your website for errors and problems. We'll show you the errors of HTML validation in an easy-to-read format. In addition to errors, you will also receive warnings and hints to improve your HTML code. The HTML Validator is free and can be used as often as you like.

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