Server Monitoring
Uptime and performance logging

We determine the performance in our tests. This data is also logged for you.

Server Monitoring
Different types of checks

Create different checks. HTTP checks with content check, ping check, socket checks ... everything is possible.

Server Monitoring
Infinite alerts

Set up different alarm contacts. From SMS, phone calls, emails to Mattermost, Jira, Telegram and many more.

Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Logging and performance data

Historical view of your data

We monitor your checks at short intervals. To evaluate these results, we offer you a historical analysis of your data. You can also use this to analyze the availability of your checks.

  • Longer storage possible with subscription.
  • Weekly summary by email.
  • Retention period configurable
  • Access to the data via API
Server Monitoring
A real life sample

Can my shop page be reached?


Select a HTTP Check

Set the destination address that your customers will also call. Define the parameters that apply if your website was successfully served.

Configure alert contacts

Configure the alarm contacts that are to be informed if something does not work as expected.

Quick reaction possible

As soon as a problem has been identified, all stored contacts receive an alarm and can quickly contribute to solving the problem.
Quick facts about Livewatch

Livewatch likes powerful features.

Server Monitoring

General Facts

The core features of Livewatch.

  • No check limit. Pay per use.
  • API for extending your application
  • Feature rich control backend
  • Included SMS / Calls possible
  • Instant access
Server Monitoring

Notification Types

We provide a various set of contact options.

  • Email
  • Http
  • Jira
  • Mattermost
  • Mobile
  • Pagerduty
  • Phone
  • Prowl
  • Pushover
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • More coming soon...
Server Monitoring

Check Types

You can configure multiple type of checks. This list is growing.

  • SSL Certificate Check
  • DNS Check (Validate IP)
  • Livewatch Script Check
  • Ping Check (ICMP)
  • HTTP Match (Validate Pattern)
  • Socket Check (Port Validation)
  • More coming soon...