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Livewatch can notify you via Pagerduty

We will notify you via Pagerduty as soon as a server failure has been detected. You have the option to determine when and how often we will notify you via Pagerduty.

What is Pagerduty

PagerDuty notification is an alerting system used in conjunction with server monitoring. It is designed to provide real-time notifications when a server exceeds certain performance criteria, such as disk utilization, processor load, or memory usage. PagerDuty sends notifications to designated system administrators or other personnel so they can take corrective action as soon as issues arise, rather than waiting for manual checks.

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Knowledge Base

Here we answer questions about server monitoring from Livewatch. If you have a question that we have not yet answered here, please contact us.

What is PagerDuty?

PagerDuty is an incident response management platform designed to help teams respond quickly and effectively to critical incidents. The platform seamlessly integrates with monitoring systems, issue tracking tools and other services to ensure relevant team members can be notified immediately and coordinated action can be taken.

Here are some of PagerDuty's key features:

  1. Notification and Escalation: PagerDuty allows notifications to be sent through various channels such as phone calls, SMS, email and push notifications. It includes escalation mechanisms to ensure incidents are escalated to the right people.

  2. On-Call On-Calls: PagerDuty allows on-call scheduling for team members. This ensures that people who are available for specific periods are notified of incidents.

  3. Integrations: The platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of monitoring, alerting and collaboration tools. This enables automated and coherent incident response.

  4. Automated Operations: PagerDuty can automate routine incident management tasks to increase efficiency. This includes escalating incidents, creating tickets, and providing information to the team.

  5. Reporting and Analytics: PagerDuty provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to analyze incident response team performance. This makes it possible to identify trends and continuously improve processes.

  6. Mobile Apps: PagerDuty provides mobile apps for iOS and Android to track and manage notifications and incident information on the go.

  7. Command Center Response: In situations that require a more comprehensive response, PagerDuty provides virtual command center capabilities to promote collaboration and coordination between team members.

PagerDuty is used by organizations in various industries, particularly in areas such as IT operations, DevOps, software development, and customer support. The platform plays a key role in improving incident response processes, reducing downtime and ensuring service reliability.

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Our server monitoring instances are located worldwide. So you get a complete picture of your system health and are also informed about disturbances in distant locations.

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