With Livewatch you ensure your website monitoring 24/7 - around the clock

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Livewatch - 24/7 - around the clock

Even if continuous monitoring is a must for every webmaster - even the most experienced of them cannot keep an eye on it around the clock. However, errors and failures are of little interest in office hours. With the website monitoring of Livewatch you can lean back confidently after work: Our automated monitoring checks the stability and functionality of your website at any time and alerts you immediately if something is wrong.

100% uptime? We inform you!

Reliably uncover sources of error with website monitoring

Any website on the Internet can be reached within a few seconds. At least that is a pretty easy impression for users. If this is not the case, a Google result is waiting for the next provider - and the problem is solved. Behind the scenes, this self-evident effect can be devastating.

Because so that a website remains fully usable and accessible, sources of error must be eliminated immediately. If you are discovered during an inspection, you are still lucky. More often, however, it happens that other factors point to problems with the website: Falling visitor numbers, unusually few inquiries and a lack of sales are often the reason to put the site through its paces. Fortunately, there are ways not to let it get that far in the first place. Livewatch allows you to have your website checked for errors around the clock.

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Livewatch: Automated website monitoring

Livewatch offers you a comprehensive monitoring service that ensures the functionality, accessibility and performance of your website. As soon as the website cannot be played properly, you will be informed immediately via various channels and can fix the error. Website monitoring can be expanded to include various criteria that should be constantly checked. Our website monitoring makes it a thing of the past that the site goes offline unnoticed and the request of potential customers comes to nothing. In the event of a malfunction, you will immediately receive a notification and can react before they affect your business. With a reliable and stable website you will not only convince regular customers and those who want to become one. The advantages of automated monitoring are therefore obvious.

  • Immediate notification in the event of a malfunction
  • Alerting through various channels
  • Always stable and functional website
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Cost savings due to problems discovered at an early stage
  • Transparent and clear billing
Frequently asked questions and answers

What are the advantages of website monitoring from Livewatch?

Of course, no one can see day and night whether their own website is still working. Nevertheless, unnoticed downtime or errors can make them unusable for customers and thus cost you real money. Livewatch relies on automated website monitoring, thanks to which you are immediately informed of failures and can act.

How does the billing model work at Livewatch?

Unlike other providers, we do not (exclusively) rely on subscription models, but only charge you for the services that you have actually received. This means that small amounts are charged for each individual check. We only offer our subscriptions as an addition to the pay-per-use billing, which offers you further advantages.

How can the results of the checks be viewed?

So that you can evaluate the results of your tests, we will send you a weekly summary by email. You can also view this via the API, whereby the retention period is of course freely configurable for you.

What types of notifications does Livewatch offer?

Our website monitoring informs you as quickly as possible of any malfunction on your site. That's why we provide notifications through a variety of different channels for you to choose from. Including e-mail, of course, via mobile phone, but also Slack, Telegram, Mattermost and many other channels.

Sample calculation

Monitor 5 Websites for less that 5 Euro per month

Livewatch makes it easy to calculate your server monitoring cost. We asume you want to monitor 5 Instances every minute.

5 Server monitoring instances

In this example you monitor 5 websites for their availability

Server monitoring checks every minute

To get the quickest alert on a failure, we asume you do a check every minute

Discounts available

You can get even lower check prices if you sign up for a subscription as well.

Cheap and transparent

Costs per day and month

Cost per check 0.000021 Eur
HTTP Match Pattern Check
Checks per day 1440 * 5 Checks = 7200
Cost per day 7200 * 0.000021 Eur = 0.1512 Eur
Cost per month 0.1512 * 31 Days =
only 4.69 Eur month!
You pay less that 5 Eur for monitoring 5 Server instances 24/7 with Livewatch

Website Monitoring: High quality monitoring service directly from Germany

Nowadays, you no longer need in-depth IT knowledge to set up a website. We are convinced that maintaining it should not be rocket science either. That is why we offer you website monitoring, which, despite its extensive functions, can be used even without great prior knowledge. In this way, you not only save costs by reliably monitoring the uptime of your website, but also valuable working time at the same time. We use our own software and servers for our specially developed website monitoring. As a German provider, we also act in accordance with the GDPR and also provide you with a "real" invoice that you do not have to print out yourself.

We also rely on transparency with our innovative billing model: so that you really only pay for the services that you have actually received, cents are billed per check-in. Thanks to our calculator, you can find out your individual conditions quickly and easily in advance. Low prices do not rule out a complex range of functions with Livewatch - our website monitoring remains affordable even for smaller companies.

  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Flexible billing model, subscription also possible
  • Wide range of different tests possible
  • Try it for free for 7 days