Extend your Server Monitoring Package

We provide a free server monitoring package on a pay per use base. If you need more features, you can subscribe to a server monitoring business plan, which enriches your account with even more features.

Sample calculation

Monitor 5 Websites for less that 5 Euro per month

Livewatch makes it easy to calculate your server monitoring cost. We asume you want to monitor 5 Instances every minute.

5 Server monitoring instances

In this example you monitor 5 websites for their availability

Server monitoring checks every minute

To get the quickest alert on a failure, we asume you do a check every minute

Discounts available

You can get even lower check prices if you sign up for a subscription as well.

Cheap and transparent

Costs per day and month

Cost per check 0.000021 Eur
HTTP Match Pattern Check
Checks per day 1440 * 5 Checks = 7200
Cost per day 7200 * 0.000021 Eur = 0.1512 Eur
Cost per month 0.1512 * 31 Days =
only 4.69 Eur month!
You pay less that 5 Eur for monitoring 5 Server instances 24/7 with Livewatch
Our plans enrich your Livewatch Server Monitoring with more features. They also provide a general discount on all checks!

Livewatch Subscription Plans

The Livewatch subscriptions are optional and expand your account with additional features such as inclusive notifications, longer retention periods, quick alerts and discounts on all check types. In principle, however, you can also carry out monitoring without a subscription.



No membership required

  • No discount
  • All basic notification types
  • at least 60 seconds
  • 1 week
  • no SMS included
  • no calls included
  • 0.15 € / sms
  • 0.50 € / call
  • Ticket support
  • no multi user support
  • only pre payment
  • -
  • -


(58.31€ inclusive vat)

Pay per use with benefifits

  • 15% off for all check types
  • Including special notification types
  • < 60 seconds possible
  • Up to 3 months
  • 80 sms included
  • 45 calls included
  • 0.13 € / sms
  • 0.40 / call
  • 9/5 Ticket & Phone support
  • up to 3 additional users
  • payment by invoice possible
  • can be canceled at any time
  • template your notifications


(177.31€ inclusive vat)

Best choice for greater infrastructures

  • 25% off for all check types
  • Including special notification types
  • < 60 seconds possible
  • Up to 12 months
  • 250 sms included
  • 150 calls included
  • 0.12 € / sms
  • 0.30 € / call
  • 24/7 Support Ticket / Email & Phone
  • Unlimited multi user support
  • payment by invoice possible
  • can be canceled at any time
  • template / configure sender your notifications
Questions & Answers

What are the Livewatch Premium subscriptions for?

With a Livewatch Premium subscription you enjoy further advantages. You will receive an inclusive quota of SMS and call notifications. You also get a discount on all server checks. In addition to the included messages, the costs for additional notifications are also reduced.

What monitoring are you looking for?

Server monitoring, Website monitoring, Uptime Check

There are many terms related to website monitoring. You have come to the right place if you find yourself in the following topics.

Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your website

Uptime check

Detail logging of your website availability

Check monitoring

Create your own checks and monitor them with ease