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We resolve the IP Address from the entered host. We provide you information about the Website / Host IP and perform different additional checks.

With Livewatch you can do this monitoring continuously. We check your website for performance at short intervals. As soon as the monitoring detects errors or problems, we will inform you immediately.

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This ip address test tool will retrieve detailed information about the entered host. You can see ip address responses from different locations.

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Knowledge Base

Here we answer questions about server monitoring from Livewatch. If you have a question that we have not yet answered here, please contact us.

How can I find the IP of a website?

The IP address of a website can be determined in various ways. Here are some methods:

  1. How to use ping command:

    • Open the command line (cmd) on your computer.
    • Enter the command ping followed by the domain of the website. For example: ping
    • The IP address is displayed next to the reply.

    Pinging [IP address]...

  2. NSLookup command:

    • Open the command line.
    • Enter the command nslookup followed by the domain of the website. For example: nslookup
    • The IP address will be displayed next to "Unauthorized reply:".

    Unauthorized reply: Address: IP address

  3. Online Tools: There are various online tools that can help you find the IP address of a website. You can simply search for “IP Lookup” or “Domain to IP” and use one of the available tools. Simply enter the domain of the website and the tool will show you the associated IP address.

  4. Use of browser extensions: There are also browser extensions that can show you the IP address of a website. After installing such an extension, you can usually view the IP address of the current web page by clicking on the icon in the toolbar.

It is important to note that the IP address you see for a webpage is the IP of the web server on which the webpage is hosted. A website can have multiple servers and therefore multiple IP addresses, especially if they use load balancing or other CDN (content delivery network) services.

How can I change my IP?

If you have not been assigned a fixed IP address by your Internet provider, you can usually change your IP by reconnecting your router. To do this, log in to the login area of your router and terminate the current connection. A new connection including a new IP is then established.

What is the IP of my website?

Our IP test tool shows you the IP of your website. Simply enter the domain or url for which you would like the IP to be displayed. We list all IPs assigned to your domain. Our test IP tool queries global nodes.

Why do I get multiple results during the IP test?

If you get several IP addresses displayed, several A records are entered for the host in the DNS configuration. This ensures that this address has several IP addresses as target addresses.

Worldwide server monitoring

Our server monitoring instances are located worldwide. So you get a complete picture of your system health and are also informed about disturbances in distant locations.

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