Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring
What is this all about?

Why is server monitoring important?

Monitoring your own infrastructure is an often underestimated topic. A failure of your own services or websites usually results in a loss of sales and dissatisfied customers. With our service, you ensure that you are quickly informed of any problems so that you can rectify the problem immediately.

  • Fast alerting of problems
  • Satisfied customers on your side
  • Decentralized monitoring. External monitoring!
  • Quick overview of the system health.
  • High quality growth at low costs
  • Quick exchange with colleagues in your company

Server monitoring is important

Dont wait until your customers notice your server failure. Get alerted with our server monitoring before you lose visitors. Its never too late to start a uptime monitoring with

Why Livewatch?

Why should i take Livewatch?

Livewatch has been on the market since 2006 and already has customers around the world who appreciate our service. We have the challenges facing your company in mind and are above all interested in offering you the best possible, easy-to-use yet most comprehensive monitoring solution. In addition to this claim, we want to offer you the most cost-effective alternative to other providers. We also offer transparent and flexible billing.


Flexible, customer-oriented

Are you missing a feature? Do you need a new type of monitoring? A contact type is missing? No problem ... Contact us, we will flexibly implement new requirements.

Easy setup

You don't have to be an expert IT administrator to set up monitoring of your services. We'll take you by the hand ... also via telephone support.

A variety of contact types

In addition to SMS, phone calls and, of course, email, we can alert you to a variety of contact types. Mattermost, Telegram, Jira? ... No problem!


Regardless of whether you just want to monitor a website or an entire data center, your account scales with your requirements.

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Register now for free and get an overview. Registration is free and there are no costs. You can test all features and start your own monitoring in a few minutes.

What monitoring are you looking for?

Server monitoring, Website monitoring, Uptime Check

There are many terms related to website monitoring. You have come to the right place if you find yourself in the following topics.

Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your website

Uptime check

Detail logging of your website availability

Check monitoring

Create your own checks and monitor them with ease