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Calculating subnets can be tricky, especially when you need to look at various parameters to see how many subnets to install and how many hosts to map to a subnet. Each subnet is routed via its own address, the subnets are connected via a router. The router needs the network address and the subnet mask to determine whether it should send incoming IP packets to the subnet.

Our Network calculator

With our network computer you can easily perform test calculations and thus determine the possible configuration. The subnet computer supports the entry of the IP address, the network size and the network mask. Depending on which entry you change, we will recalculate the networks. Calculating subnets or calculating networks is an important tool for anyone who has to do with setting up hosts, servers and routers.

Calculate Subnet

Calculated Network

Value Name Value
Host IP from
Host IP to
Number of IP Addresses 1
Addressable Hosts 1
CIDR Notation
Network address
Network portion

IP Adresses

Address Value
Host No. 1

Copyable Subnet Calculator Report              Quads      Hex                           Binary    Integer
------------------ --------------- -------- -------------------------------- ----------
IP Address:  2CC05C31 00101100110000000101110000110001  750804017
Subnet Mask: FFFFFFFF 11111111111111111111111111111111 4294967295
Network Portion: 2CC05C31 00101100110000000101110000110001  750804017
Host Portion:     00000000 00000000000000000000000000000000          0

Number of IP Addresses:      1
Number of Addressable Hosts: 1
IP Address Range:   -
Broadcast Address: 
Min Host:          
Max Host:          
IPv4 ARPA Domain:  

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Subnet calculator - what is a subnet mask?

All computers and mobile devices in a network have an IP address and a subnet defined to determine which network the IP address belongs to. The subnet masks indicate which part of an IP address is the network and which part the host. The subnet mask for Class C IP addresses is and is the standard subnet mask for many computers and network routers. Use our subnet calculator to determine these addresses.

What is a computer network? What is this network computer for?

A computer network is a connection between two or more computers in a type of telecommunications system. The reason for using a computer network is to share resources. We can classify networks according to many parameters. To configure these networks properly, you can calculating subnets and networks easy with our tool.

Is there a cost to the subnet calculator?

No, you can use our subnet calculator completely free of charge. Simply enter the desired IP and subnet mask, the subnet calculator will calculate everything for you free of charge.

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