Ping Check (ICMP)

Ping Check (ICMP)


Monitoring by means of ICMP Request (PING) is an effective means of determining whether a web server host can be reached. Checking firewalls or routers is also possible using our ping check. You simply enter the relevant host and we will check whether it responds in the timeout specified by you. If that fails, you will receive the alarm you want, just as with the other tests.


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Ping test - Online

Typically, a web page is not pinged directly because ping is based on the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and many web servers block ICMP packets to protect against potential attacks. Instead, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or secure HTTPS is commonly used to verify web pages.

If you still want to try to check the accessibility of your website via ping, you can do this on the command line (Windows) or in the terminal (Linux/Mac). To do this, use the following format:


Replace “” with the actual URL of your website. However, note that many web servers can block ICMP packets, which may result in the ping not being successful even if the website is reachable.

For a more accurate check of website availability, it is better to use tools that send HTTP requests. Here are some examples:

Curl (command line):

curl -I

This command uses Curl to send an HTTP head request to your website. You should receive an HTTP status code response, which will give you more information about the status of the website.

Wget (command line):

wget --spider

The wget command with the --spider flag performs a similar function to curl and returns information about the connection states.

Online tools: There are also many online tools that can check the availability of your website. You can simply search for “website availability check” or similar terms to find relevant services.

To fully monitor your website's uptime and performance, you might also consider using specialized monitoring services or tools, which typically provide more detailed information and alerts.

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Our server monitoring instances are located worldwide. So you get a complete picture of your system health and are also informed about disturbances in distant locations.

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