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Our glossary entry for Ping can also monitor the ping response times (ICMP "Echo-Reply") of your website. A so-called ICMP echo request is sent to your server and an ICMP echo response is expected.

What means Ping in conjuction with server monitoring?

Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable adn responding. It is often used in conjunction with server monitoring to determine whether a server is up and running. Typically, when a server is monitored, a "ping" is sent to the server to see if it responds. If the server does not respond to the ping, a notification is sent to alert administrators that the server may be down.

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What does Ping mean?

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How is my ping?

You can use the ping test to check the network connection between your computer and another device or server. Here are the steps to perform the ping test:

On Windows:

  1. Open Command Prompt:

    • Click on the Windows icon in the taskbar.
    • Search for "cmd" or "Command Prompt" and open it.
  2. Enter the ping command:

    • Use the ping command followed by the target's IP address or hostname. For example: ping or ping
  3. Waiting for results:

    • The ping command sends a request to the target and measures the time it takes to receive the response.
    • You will then see the number of packets sent, packets received and the average response time.

On macOS and Linux:

  1. Open the terminal:

    • Search for "Terminal" using Spotlight search or open it from the Applications folder.
  2. Enter the ping command:

    • Use the ping command followed by the target's IP address or hostname. For example: ping or ping
  3. Waiting for results:

    • Like on Windows, the ping command measures response time and displays statistics.

Interpretation of results:

  • Packet Loss:

    • Some packages may be lost in transit. Low packet loss is normal, but high packet loss could indicate network problems.
  • Average response time:

    • The lower the average response time (ping time), the better. This is the time it takes for the signal to travel from the transmitter to the receiver and back.

The ping test is a simple but useful tool to identify basic network connection problems. If you're having trouble connecting to a specific server or website, the ping test can help determine if the difficulties are due to network issues.

Ping test - Online

Typically, a web page is not pinged directly because ping is based on the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and many web servers block ICMP packets to protect against potential attacks. Instead, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or secure HTTPS is commonly used to verify web pages.

If you still want to try to check the accessibility of your website via ping, you can do this on the command line (Windows) or in the terminal (Linux/Mac). To do this, use the following format:


Replace “” with the actual URL of your website. However, note that many web servers can block ICMP packets, which may result in the ping not being successful even if the website is reachable.

For a more accurate check of website availability, it is better to use tools that send HTTP requests. Here are some examples:

Curl (command line):

curl -I

This command uses Curl to send an HTTP head request to your website. You should receive an HTTP status code response, which will give you more information about the status of the website.

Wget (command line):

wget --spider

The wget command with the --spider flag performs a similar function to curl and returns information about the connection states.

Online tools: There are also many online tools that can check the availability of your website. You can simply search for “website availability check” or similar terms to find relevant services.

To fully monitor your website's uptime and performance, you might also consider using specialized monitoring services or tools, which typically provide more detailed information and alerts.

Ping test - what exactly does it say?

When you perform a ping test, ICMP packets are sent to the specified address. Ping is often confused with latency. Ping stands for a signal sent to and from another computer over a network. The measurement of this round trip is the latency. If this round trip works, you will receive a measured value as an answer, which at the same time confirms the accessibility of the addressed computer. If the ping test does not work, the addressed computer is either not accessible or other factors (e.g. firewall) have prevented the request (PING, ICMP).

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