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Our glossary entry for Server-Monitoring offers you the perfect solution for your server-monitoring. We check your servers at short, regular intervals and alert you as soon as a failure is detected. In addition to SMS, telephone and e-mail notifications, you will also receive the failure via Twitter, Mattermost or Telegram.

Why is server-monitoring important?

If you do not notice that your infrastructure is not working properly, the time is usually too late. With our server-monitoring, we will alert you immediately as soon as a problem is detected. With you can quickly fix the problem and ensure availability and functionality.

Server-monitoring costs

The costs for our server-monitoring are transparent and flexible. You determine how often an examination should be carried out and you can calculate the exact costs in advance.

What means Server-Monitoring in conjuction with server monitoring?

Server monitoring is the process of monitoring the performance and health of a server in order to ensure that it is running optimally and that any problems or inefficiencies are identified and addressed quickly. It can include monitoring disk usage, CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O operations, process information, network connections, and various system log messages. Server monitoring can be performed via manual tools, manually configured scripts, or automated tools such as monitoring software.

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What does Server-Monitoring mean?

Livewatch helps you to get information about Server-Monitoring

There are many terms like Server-Monitoring related to website monitoring. You have come to the right place if you find yourself in the following topics.

  • Server monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of your website
  • Uptime check
  • Detail logging of your website availability
  • Check monitoring
  • Create your own checks and monitor them with ease

Worldwide server monitoring

Our server monitoring instances are located worldwide. So you get a complete picture of your system health and are also informed about disturbances in distant locations.

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Which server monitoring are you looking for?
  • Server Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Website-Check
  • Ping Check
  • Server availability
  • Uptime Performance
  • Content Monitoring
  • Monitor server
  • Monitor website
  • DNS-Test
  • Ping-Test
  • Website Speed Test
  • Ip Website
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You have been looking for Server-Monitoring. Livewatch offers more than that. We provide Server Monitoring for your infrastructure.

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With Livewatch you can monitor your website or server within 5 minutes and receive an immediate notification if the check fails. You can test our server monitoring for 7 days free of charge. Registration is completely free and without obligation. Apart from your email address, we do not need any credit card or other information.

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Server Monitoring

Knowledge Base

Here we answer questions about server monitoring from Livewatch. If you have a question that we have not yet answered here, please contact us.

How can I check my website?

Server monitoring services can use various types of notifications to notify administrators of problems or critical events. The choice of notification types often depends on the user's preferences and the requirements of the monitoring scenario. Here are some common types of notifications in server monitoring:

  1. Email Notifications: Most server monitoring services offer the ability to send notifications via email. These emails often contain detailed information about the problem encountered so that the administrator can take immediate action.

  2. SMS Alerts: Some services also support SMS alerts to alert administrators directly on their mobile devices. This is particularly useful when quick reactions are required.

  3. Push Notifications: Monitoring service mobile apps can also send push notifications to notify administrators in real time. This can be an effective way to respond to server problems immediately.

  4. Integration with chat services: Integrating server monitoring with chat services such as Slack or Microsoft Teams allows notifications to be received directly in chat channels, improving communication and collaboration.

  5. Phone Calls: Some advanced server monitoring services offer the ability to generate automated phone calls in case of critical issues. This is particularly useful to ensure that important issues are not missed.

  6. Webhooks: Webhooks allow integration with custom systems or services to handle notifications in various ways depending on the user's needs.

It is important to review the configuration options of the server monitoring service you choose to ensure that the desired notification types are supported and that the notifications are set to respond effectively to critical events.

Server Monitoring

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Detailed logging of the availability of your website

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