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Get API token

We have added one call to the API. You can now query your API token using the API. With the token you can address the other API endpoints, for example to get an overview of your checks.

Send login data - token received

To do this, you have to address the endpoint via POST and transmit your access data. If we have successfully authenticated your account, you will receive your API token back in response.

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What is an API Token?

An Application Programming Interface (API) token is a security mechanism used to control and authenticate access to an Application Programming Interface (API). APIs enable software applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. API tokens serve as a form of identification and authorization to ensure that only authorized applications or users can access a specific API.

In general, an API token works by providing a unique key that is sent with every API request. This key is used to verify the identity of the caller and ensure that they have the necessary permissions to access the desired resources.

There are different types of API tokens including:

  1. API Key: A simple key that is often sent as a parameter in the request or in the header.

  2. OAuth Token: Uses the OAuth protocol for authentication and authorization. It allows for finer control over permissions and is often used to access protected resources.

  3. JWT (JSON Web Token): A compact, self-describing token format typically used to transfer claims between parties. It can also be used as an API token.

The use of API tokens helps increase security by ensuring that only authorized parties can access the API, while enabling efficient and flexible integration of applications.