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Screenshot How good would it be if you had the day start with an overview of your system health? Is everything okay, have you had any problems? We are now providing you with a short and crisp overview of your Livewatch exams in an email with PDF.

Activate the report function

In order to receive the daily report, please activate the option "Daily Monitoring Report" in your profile settings.


Every morning you will then receive an email with this quick overview. This report will be sent to the email address you specified in your profile settings and can be set for each user.

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Alert via email

Email alerting refers to notifying people or system administrators of specific events or conditions using email messages. This type of alerting is used in various contexts, particularly in IT systems, surveillance systems, security systems and other environments where quick responses to certain incidents are required.

Here are some examples of how email alerting can be used:

  1. IT Monitoring: IT infrastructures often use monitoring systems that monitor the health of servers, networks, applications and other resources. When a critical error or unusual condition is detected, the system can automatically send an email notification to the appropriate administrators.

  2. Security Alerts: Security systems such as intruder alarm systems or security cameras can generate email alerts when unauthorized activity is detected. This allows those responsible to respond quickly to potential security issues.

  3. Environmental Monitoring: In industrial plants or laboratories, monitoring systems can monitor the status of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity or pressure. If there are deviations from normal values, automatic email alerts can be triggered.

  4. Server and Application Monitoring: Website owners or application developers can receive email notifications when their website is down or when critical application errors occur.

The advantages of alerting via email include the widespread use of email as a means of communication and the ability to send alerts to different people or groups. It enables fast and effective communication so that administrators or those responsible can respond immediately to critical events.