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Atlassian Opsgenie

Atlassian Opsgenie Integration - Set up now via Livewatch

We are committed to integrating third-party providers. With Livewatch, we want to provide you with the easiest way to contact your services. By contacting, we mean not only alerting YOU, but also providers whose interfaces enable you to improve your service. This of course also includes Opsgenie. The Atlassian product offers many control options as soon as an incident occurs.

Now you can also send the problems detected by Livewatch to Atlassian-Opsgenie (new contact type) and thus further optimize the processes.

If you need any help setting up with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you with the setup and configuration in an uncomplicated manner.

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Knowledge Base

Here we answer questions about server monitoring from Livewatch. If you have a question that we have not yet answered here, please contact us.

What is Opsgenie?

Opsgenie is an incident and alarm management platform developed by Atlassian. It is designed to help teams respond to unexpected incidents, disruptions or alarms in real time and enable coordinated action. Opsgenie integrates seamlessly with other Atlassian products such as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Here are some of Opsgenie's key features:

  1. Alarm Notifications: Opsgenie receives alarms from various monitoring and alerting systems. It allows customization of notifications to ensure the right people are informed at the right time.

  2. Escalations: If a notification is not responded to within a certain time period, Opsgenie can activate escalation rules to ensure the alert is routed to the next appropriate escalation level.

  3. On-call scheduling: Teams can create on-call schedules to ensure the right people are available at the right time for specific tasks or issues.

  4. Collaborative Collaboration: Opsgenie encourages collaboration by enabling teams and stakeholders to engage in conversations to work together to solve problems.

  5. Integrations: It offers integrations with a variety of monitoring, IT management and development tools. This enables automatic routing of alarms and data between different systems.

  6. Reporting and Analysis: Opsgenie provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to analyze incident management performance. Teams can identify trends and improve their response processes.

  7. Mobile Apps: Mobile apps for iOS and Android allow users to monitor and respond to alarms and incidents from anywhere.

Opsgenie is particularly useful in environments where rapid incident response is required, such as IT operations, DevOps, or general incident management. The platform enables teams to streamline incident management processes, improve communication and have greater control over complex situations.