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Keeping track of many servers and their availability is not easy. You have set up your accessibility checks with us and of course you want to see immediately what the status of your infrastructure looks like.

We offer our check overview for this, in which you can immediately see all servers and their status. For this reason, we have also made changes there that make it easier for you to see the status of all systems.

From now on you can have the last status displayed directly, but you can also see when we last checked your server. We have also changed the display so that you have the status of the server (i.e. availability) in focus.

In addition to these changes, we have also turned a few other adjusting screws, where it is often hardly noticeable, but which are important to get a more precise, quick overview.

We would like to ask you again to send us suggestions for improvement. Use our support request tool in the backend area, the ticket system, by email or just give us a call.

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