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Many companies also use Discord for their communication. So why not also show the Livewatch alarms in the Discord. This is possible from today. You can create a new Discord contact and enter the webhook url for your Discord channel there. The alerts are then sent directly in the Discord Channel and the users have the opportunity to react quickly to problems.

How exactly you create a Discord Webhook can be found in this documentation: Instructions for creating a Discord Webhook

If you have any questions or problems setting up the new contact type, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply use the ticket option in your dashboard under Support. We will support you as soon as possible and help you set up your Livewatch account.

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Here we answer questions about server monitoring from Livewatch. If you have a question that we have not yet answered here, please contact us.

Push notification

A push notification is an automatic message sent by an application or service to a device without the application being actively open on the device. These notifications are "pushed" or actively sent from the server to the client, rather than the client actively checking for updates.

Here are some important features of push notifications:

  1. Active delivery: Push notifications are sent from the server to the device without the app or browser actively running. This allows important information to be sent to the user immediately, even when the app is in the background or closed.

  2. Direct Communication: Push notifications enable direct communication between the server and the user's device. This is particularly useful for notifying users of events, updates, or relevant information.

  3. Adjustable permissions: Users typically have control over which apps or services are allowed to send push notifications. This ensures that users are not bothered by unwanted notifications.

  4. Different Platforms: Push notifications are supported on different platforms such as iOS, Android and Web. The implementation may vary depending on the platform, but the basic concept remains similar.

  5. Versatile Application: Push notifications are used in a variety of applications including messaging apps, social media, email, news apps and more. They are an effective way to keep users informed of updates and relevant information.

Examples of push notifications are:

  • Message notifications: Notifications about incoming messages in messaging apps.

  • Updates: Notifications about software or app updates.

  • Events: Notifications about upcoming events, appointments or activities.

It is important that push notifications are used responsibly to ensure a positive user experience and not overburden users. Users should also have the ability to customize push notification settings based on their preferences.

Discord: A platform for communication and communities

Discord is an instant messaging, voice and video chat platform that was originally designed for gamers, but has now become a widely used communication tool for various groups and communities. The platform allows users to chat with each other in real time, be it via text, voice or video.

Here are some key features of Discord:

  1. Servers and Channels: Users can create servers on Discord and set up different channels in them. Each channel can be configured for a specific purpose or topic to organize communication.

  2. Text Messaging: Discord allows real-time text message exchange. Users can post messages to channels, reply to messages, and add emoji reactions.

  3. Voice and Video Chat: A core feature of Discord is the ability for users to communicate with each other via voice and video chat. This is particularly useful for groups working together or playing games.

  4. Roles and Permissions: Server administrators can assign roles and grant permissions to maintain control over who can access specific channels and what actions users are allowed to perform.

  5. Integrations: Discord offers integrations with various applications and services, including games, streaming platforms, and productivity tools.

  6. Bots: Users can add bots to their Discord servers to implement automated features such as moderation, music playback, and notifications.

  7. Cross-platform: Discord is available across platforms and can be used on various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Discord has become a popular platform for communities, businesses, gaming groups, educational institutions, and more. It provides a versatile and user-friendly environment for communication and collaboration, be it for informal conversations, coordinated projects or social interactions.